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Why study a Master’s in Communication and Digital Business at Universidad Europea


Today we focus on the Master in Communication and Digital Business at Universidad Europea. This 9-month programme – taught in Spanish – is addressed to those who want to advance and learn about the cutting-edge tools in digital communications. We spoke with Michelle Alexandra Centella Quirós, a student from this Master and we share with you her experience.

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Why did you choose Universidad Europea and the Master in Communication and Digital Business?

I chose this master’s degree at the Universidad Europea because the subjects it offered caught my attention and also that it was something totally different from what I saw in my country (Panama) in the master’s degrees offered there. In addition, I was always interested in the marketing and entrepreneurship part because I would like to be able to have my own digital company in the future.

How has your study experience been so far?

It was very good. The teachers are professionals in the subjects they taught and that made things more real. I really liked hearing about the teachers’ work experiences and being put to work in situations that can happen to us in a job.

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Which of your competencies are currently the most developed? What have you gained from the studies?

My most developed competence was digital because I acquired new digital skills throughout the master’s degree. I learned to cope in a good way even though things got tense at the end of the master. I also started using new design and editing tools. We mainly use the Adobe Creative Cloud tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Animate. In the area of web design, we also work with content managers such as WordPress.

Which has been the most interesting topic covered in the programme?

For me, the most interesting was the storytelling and transmedia part. I had not seen in depth everything that this topic entails and I thought it was excellent that they could give us all that material that I think is one of the fundamental parts of a digital venture.

Have you made good contacts during your studies?

Universidad Europea

Yes, I consider that all the teachers who taught us the classes are contacts that can help us in the future if we need help with something. In addition, I made friends with several of my colleagues and I know that in the future we will all be successful people.

What is the professional path you want to follow after studying?

I want to gain experience in digital marketing so that I can then start creating my own digital marketing and communication agency. That is something that I have always wanted since before taking the master and I hope to be able to fulfil it in a few years.

How do you think Covid is impacting Digital Marketing Activities?

Companies must be in social networks and search engines now more than ever because as people cannot be leaving their homes as before, they search for everything online. If you are not on the internet you basically do not exist. The digital branch has grown a lot since this pandemic happened.

How is study life in Madrid?


I was living in the University residence for three months and I loved it. I was able to meet many people of different nationalities, I went out and had fun with them, the truth is that I had a great time. Then I was living in the centre of Madrid, I fell in love with Madrid. Its parks, monuments, restaurants, everything was wonderful but in the same way, I always missed my country but all my life I will have Madrid in my heart. With the issue of covid, I was always aware that I had to take care of myself because I was very far from my family and thank God I was always well.

What tips would you give to the future students for the Master in Communication and Digital Business?

In classes always pay attention because many of the things that teachers teach will have to be tested in the final work. With the teachers and classmates, they will learn a lot from them and you always have to be willing to listen to ideas and opinions different from yours. With regard to housing, I would say that it is best to live near the centre of Madrid or in the same centre so that it is easier to get around by public transport.

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