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What It’s Really Like To Study an MBA at GISMA Business School


Today, Ricardo from Colombia talks about his experience studying an MBA at GISMA Business School with Grenoble Ecole de Management as the awarding body. EDUopinions brings you his story.

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My name is Ricardo Heilbron, I’m from Colombia and I’m MBA candidate for Grenoble Ecole de Management 2018.


Why Did You Choose GISMA Business School?

For me, the school had two main components that made my decision easier. First, it’s the location. Berlin is becoming one of the most important hubs for startups in Europe. I come from the startup world in Latin America so it made perfect sense for me to come here.

Second of all, it’s a programme. Grenoble Ecole de Management MBA, it’s world-recognised, especially in Europe, so the location plus the programme of high quality made a perfect fit for me.




What Are Your Career Aspirations?

As I had previous experience in startups, I wanted to have a vertical jump in my career so that’s why I chose the MBA. So, after the MBA I want to continue in that direction, and with the help of the careers service, I think I can have the opportunity to be part of the startup ecosystem in Europe.



For me, being exposed to international programmes was key. Part of it is the professors which I already saw that professors have previous experiences and they’re experts not only on their subjects on their matter, but also they have experiences across the globe so they have for example marketing in the Middle East in the Olenka sector, we have professors who are experts in finance in Europe in the luxury sector, so at the end you’ll get a full picture of business in the world.


What Has Your Experience Been Like So Far?

The experience so far has been great. The professors, peers are all really welcoming and really friendly. The city – it’s really international so you feel comfortable from the moment you arrive. The Careers Service has an integral structure so besides helping with the CV and interviews and firms visits there also is a programme where you can get to know yourself and that’s the basis to build your CV and prepare for interviews. This is actually an integral way to look at yourself and prepare for the future.


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