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My Experience Studying in Reims, France


France welcomes countless international students each year. Foreign students often do not study in Paris and instead choose to go somewhere else. Here, one student tells EDUopinions about her experience studying in Reims, relatively close to the French capital and known as the ‘City of Kings.’

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Why did you choose Sciences Po Reims for your study?

I chose Sciences Po Reims since it was the first destination in my Dual Degree. It also seemed like the perfect city for living in France. For example, it harbours many important historical sites, is quiet and student-friendly, and has the exciting elements of urban life in moderation.

How was your study experience?

My studying experience at Sciences Po Reims was perfect. I was introduced to fascinating and stimulating intellectual material by committed professors in the classroom where fundamental concepts were built upon. There were also opportunities outside of the classroom to learn, such as with groups, in seminars, and during office hours. I especially enjoyed studying in a culture upholding the French tradition of philosophy and critical thinking.

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What is the professional path you want to follow after studying?

After studying at Sciences Po Reims, I became more interested in specific concepts such as gender, climate change, economics, law, and public policy. I hope to pursue my Master’s at Sciences Po studying Economic Law and interweaving my areas of interest together. A future career path could include applying economic law within the field of public regulation for gender equality.

How is study life in Reims?

I believe that Reims provides the perfect studying environment for students. Student housing is readily available and at affordable prices. Other students are social. There are also fantastic restaurants, champagne caves, cosy cafés for studying, and parks for walks and jogs.

What tips would you give to future students of your university?

I would encourage incoming students to take advantage of Reims’ location which is ideal for travelling. Also to learn French, embrace l’art de vivre, eat baguettes and cheese, drink wine, read philosophy, visit the opera, and admire the art deco architecture of the city.

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Dolores Cviticanin is a Content Writer for EDUopinions. Dolores holds two Bachelor degrees, one from Sciences Po Paris and another from the University of British Columbia. Her studies have focused on political science, history, philosophy, and economics. She has worked with UNICEF, UNA Canada, a legal aid NGO, as a research assistant, and has volunteered for numerous organizations on three continents. Currently, Dolores is a Programme Intern at the United Nations Women Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia in Istanbul, Turkey.

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