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How to Stay Motivated and Busy while Self-Isolating


Living through a pandemic outbreak is something completely new to all of us and even though it is a very hard time for everyone, it is important to remember that it is only temporary. Although it seems tough at the moment, we have to look on the bright side of things and stay positive. Staying at home is difficult but at least it offers time to do things you usually do not have the time to do. Here are some guidelines and tips on how to stay motivated and busy while self-isolating.

How to Stay Motivated and Busy while Self-Isolating



It is really easy to become unmotivated and apathetic during times like these. Watching TV and sleeping in suddenly become more appealing than attending online classes. The key to stay on track is to establish a clear schedule of what you need to do daily. You can fit in times for you to work and study as you normally would in your daily routine, but also remember to schedule times for free time: take a nap, watch a show, read a book… This will help you stay productive and focused when you have to work.

Here are some options:

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Fitness & Health

workout home

With gyms and parks closed and the inability to go outside for a run or a walk, it seems hard to keep fit when staying at home. Whether it’s a bit of yoga in the morning, abs session in the afternoon, or meditation before going to sleep, there are plenty of ways for you to exercise and remain healthy.

Another great way to stay healthy during the lockdown is to meditate. It will not only help you keep a positive mindset, but also increase your focus abilities when you have to study afterwards. There is an infinite number of good meditation videos on YouTube, but you can also use Headspace which is an amazing meditation app, where you can track how much you have meditated and choose different themes for your meditation.

work from home

work from home

With a colossal economic impact around the world, the COVID-19 outbreak does not spare students. A lot of students are now facing uncertain times as they are unable to keep going with their part-time jobs. Thankfully, online part-time job opportunities are growing. Here are a few options for students stuck at home who are looking for an extra income:

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Online tutoring

Most students are out of school at the moment so this is the best time for you to offer support and start online tutoring to get some income. There are a lot of websites out there so you can do some research to see which one fits you best but here are some recommendations.

Other Online job positions

There are a lot of online positions and the best way to find out about them is through your university career website, LinkedIn, Indeed or through Facebook pages such as “Digital Nomads – Remote Work from Anywhere”.


Self-Isolating: Reading

Of course, work is important, but sparing time for leisure and hobbies is essential. You should use the self-isolating time for things you have always wanted to do but can’t seem to fit into your usual routine. You could read a new book, start painting again, learn a new language on Duolingo, or even develop a new skill by following online tutorials. There is an endless amount of opportunities out there for you!

Stay safe and stay at home!
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