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Queen Mary University of London - QMUL Review

London, United Kingdom
Some things need to change

Queen Mary academically is a good uni, with good teachers and courses, however there are certain things that definitely need to change for it to push it to be the best. The campus is nice given that everything is conveniently located in the same area, however many building are run down and old, even a simple paint job could change that. Mental health is a large problem, with the uni definitely not making channels for help extremely clear and accessible, ironically given the fact that they advertise it so much. I’ve been a student there for 2 years and really would have liked some help in the first but didn’t feel comfortable and aware where I could get help. They definitely need to give better funding to student groups, I am in the uni official tennis team and we have to pay for our own courts for training and that’s ridiculous. Moreover, we have asked the SU to help us find a coach for several months to help us train and attempt to compete against the other unis but they have been absolutely no help. For a uni of this supposed caliber there needs to be a greater supply of books, 10 books for a course that has 300 people is nowhere close to enough. In addition more help should be available during exam times for study groups and stuff like that. Lastly, the university needs more social spaces and events, neither the course reps or the SU reps do a sufficient job at all. One crappy student bar called drapers isn’t enough for events and making friends is very hard when you don’t have places to do have that.

Programme: Law
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2020
Campus: London, United Kingdom
Student Life
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