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Erasmus University Rotterdam - EUR Review

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Almost perfect

My program was very intense, challenging and highly academic. I gained strong analytical skills and developed my way of thinking and my ability to look on certain issues with different perspectives. My master class was very small so we had a great deal of active participation in class and a strong relationship to our teachers. Classes and assignments are compulsory which motivated me due to a strong team of motivated students from different background who made the studies much more diverse and lively, providing different perspectives- in contrast to my previous school where many people never showed up in class. EUR (ESHCC and RSM at least) is definitely for students who want to develop academically. What I didn’t like was the master thesis procedure. Supervisors would present topics that you could sort of apply for. It made me frustrated that I couldn’t come up with my own topic, which I had in mind before even starting this master, but had to convince a teacher to let you do their research for their benefits (after all we pay tuition fee to them for supervisoring us, not for us to do free work for them). This may have changed since, and doesn’t count for all programmes, so contact the programme coordinator to be sure. Besides that I can definitely recommend it!

Degree: Master's
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