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Delft University of Technology - TU Delft Review

Delft, The Netherlands
Aerospace Engineering

I’ll start off with a side note: the worst thing is the lack of affordable nutrition. Lots of eating opportunities, but small portions and high prices. Keeping your brain supplied is definitely a necessity at this university.__I study aerospace engineering and i often have the feeling that they purposefully keep us busy and under pressure. I dont know if there is just too much to teach for three years, or whether the aim is to produce resilient workers, but work life balance is of no concern to the university. On the other hand if you want to make time, you can occupy yourself with other things, more on this later. Like most educational institutions, the tu tests competence by quarterly exam periods that revolve around filling out as many old exams as humanly possible. Grinding through these standardized forms is so effective, with respect to passing, that a large part of the student demographic is utterly unconcerned with thorough understanding or actually learning anything. Granted, if time is limited its reasonable to prioritise passing courses. Especially since the pressure of the dutch BSA restriction introduces new students quickly to this methodology. __However, continuous group projects, that encompass about 12h of the timetable per week, actually force students to think for themselves. Also they force to cooperate with others and in general encourage to adopt a professional attitude and mindset towards the coworkers and the job to be done. I think most people, including myself, secretly like them even if they are frequently fairly challenging, since they actually pose an intellectual challenge (as opposed to grinding past papers). Also i have met many interesting, ambitious, creative, inspiring, smart people. Few good friends and a plethora of valuable future connections. Additionally the dream teams offer real engineering work experience early on, so the ambitious truly get the opportunity to learn and grow and develop their skill sets. You just have to want to make an effort. But its questionable if you get far at TU Delft, if you are not willing to bust your ass off. __Additionally the tu offers lots of extra curricular courses, student organizations and societies and sport facilities to encourage the development of versatile personas. Many seminars discuss the change of society and future developments. Faculty bars and public events. Lots of independent projects and generally an international atmosphere. Unfortunately just a lot of men.__To summarize the TU is for sure the cheapest, elite, international and english tought, education facility in Europe.

Programme: Aerospace Engineering
Degree: Bachelor's
Campus: Delft, The Netherlands
Student Life
Career Prospects
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