Universidad Politécnica de Valencia - UPV Review

Valencia, Spain
Aerospace Engineering
Big campus and new-ways for teaching

Upv is an extraordinary university for a wide variety of degrees. In my case, I’ve studied aerospace engineering and I cannot be happier from the election I took.
Starting from the lessons and content, most of the courses from having teachers with a deep understanding which try to makes the learning process an easier way for students. Despite English courses lack some level in particular cases, they are complete and the majority of the teachers make their best to fulfil students requirements. Lab session are probably the best part of the degree here in Valencia, having a well mixed with theory lessons and a lot of deliveries (either single of team ones) which changes they classical way of evaluating and moves it to a more industry alike one.
Outside from university, a student has a such a big variety for accommodation around, going from university rooms to all kind of apartments and flats for rent. The area where these are based is a nice one, full of places for eating and drinking, and with a quite active night atmosphere, plenty of students. Valencia itself is a beautiful city, touristic and welcoming, same as its people.
Back to university but far from studying, the university campus is a nice 20-30 minutes long walk through a mix of modern and traditional building, plenty of bars where to feel the student life. The sport service also offers for a reduced price a lot of facilities and lessons to make something different.
Summarizing, UPV is a pretty complete campus with nice surroundings for living and modern ways of teaching

Programme: Aerospace Engineering
Graduation: 2017
Student Life
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