University of Beira Interior - UBI Review

Covilhã, Portugal
Hot and cold, tradition and modernism !

Its history dates back to the days when there was, in fact, little to no recorded history. Known at the time as Cava Juliana, The city of Covilhã is located in a strategic zone. Home to many shepherds throughout the ages, the construction of castles for military potential attracted much wealth in the form of Industry, Royalty and Priesthood. Once called the “Portuguese Manchester”, this city fostered a huge boom in Textile fabrication.
With the downfall of the once proud Industry from the pressure of modern times, and indeed from the very remains of those once Royal Institutions, the University of Beira Interior would rise to give new life to the city – The Entrepreneurial spirit of the city was thus only transformed, adapted to the new age of knowledge economies and is ever present throughout the city in many art forms.

Student Life: The new rector has made a huge push for awarding motivated students with all the tools they need for success – From extended library access hours (they never close during the exams period!), to cheap cantina meals, to Rector’s list acknowledgements (a huge honor!) and assistance to student projects, there’s much in the way of encouragements.

Night Life: This cozy town is perfect for partying. Almost a village in some sense, the environment is very safe and informal. People easily see one another many times over the course of their stay and it’s easy to build friendships here precisely because you see the same familiar faces so often.

Sleep: -Very- cheap rents (120€ for a bedroom, 250€ for a T0 apartment in public domain) or 100€ (utilities included, University’s facilities). Some facilities are older, but Erasmus students are always placed in very good apartments in the University.

Professors: Very open to elucidate on any students doubts, very informal, very helpful and capable teachers.

Scenery: Very beautiful town, lots of nature and rustic architecture! Very traditional!

Social Services: Very helpful, they work fast.

The people: Very friendly and helpful!

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