Budapest University of Technology and Economics - BME Review

Budapest, Hungary
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"Outstanding educational opportunities in engineering field"

I did both my bachelors and masters at this university in the electrical engineering.
The whole education system is constantly revised and updated if they feel the necessity of it. All the lectures, laboratory subjects were enjoyable, and they provided such a knowledge, that I still use at my work after 5 years in the industry. The equipment is getting better and better. The university provides one of the most valuable degree in whole Hungary in engineering field (if not the most valuable), and all the companies are aware of that – for a good reason.
The university provides a wide area of optional subjects, that one can pick during their studies (there are some mandatory credits spend on these kind of subjects, and you are free to choose whatever you want). There are also subjects that are based on each other from the optional list, and in case one completes these, then the university provides an additional minor degree too.
The university cooperates with the industrial representatives, therefore they know the required skills that are useful in the industry.
There are many student associations formed within the university, they offer many opportunities for the students, both in getting hardskill knowledge, and getting experience in soft skill areas.

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Budapest, Hungary
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