City University of Applied Sciences Review

Bremen, Germany
Aerospace Engineering
Great Value!

At first glance, Bremen is a very unspectacular city, especially for someone of German origin.
However, the more time I spend there and the more I can compare the city and the university against other universities of other countries, the more it stands out.

As a prospective aerospace engineer, there are many opportunities inside the city. From Airbus over DLR, ZARM, MT Aerospace to OHB, a lot of the “big players” decided to settle in the “town” of Bremen, the international value is surprisingly high.
Additionally, Bremen has one of Germany’s fastest growing start-up communities with regular events, that I really learnt to appreciate.

The studies however sometimes leave room for improvement with either dry and flat content or harsh exams. It sometimes seems like the effort is not high to educate great engineers. On the other hand, there are many great and very practical projects that teach close to real world experiences, team work, success and failure and after all: also fun. So my opinion on the studies is kind of a mixed bag, but they are definitely worth it.

Internationally seen however, Bremen might be an undiscovered holy grail for students from abroad: the city (including accommodation) and the studies are quite cheap, there is no mandatory equipment (e.g. expensive books), many possibilities for internships are given and the master’s degree in Space Engineering has a good international reputation (from what I have heard).

The city itself has a lot of charming places, that you sometimes have to actively look for. I am surprised how I still find new nice corners after three years of living there. There are many parks and in the summer it is great to enjoy the evenings with a BBQ at the lake, the city overall shows quite a lot of nature (at least in the summertime, in the winter it is very grey).
Currently, the city spends a lot of money in improving the infrastructure and to polish the appearance of numerous parts of the city.
Some nice events, for example the “Freimarkt” or an exceptional Christmas Market round off every side of the year and there are countless cute little bars, cafés and restaurants spread over the city, where a comfortable evening can be spent with friends or family.
From my perspective, the people can sometimes be quite reserved, but very heartful once you get to know them better.
And last but not least, Bremen has more than 600k inhabitants, but it somehow still manages to be a “town”. Everything is easily reachable by foot or with the well-working public transport, there is everything you could need, not less, not more and there are only few occasions where the city really gets crowded. Most of the time, it is a silent and peaceful place, without being too boring or not offering enough places to party.

All in all, I am surprised everyday by this city and the studies. I had few expectations, but after all, I found a new home.

Programme: Aerospace Engineering
Graduation: 2019
Student Life
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