University of Toulouse – Jean Jaurès

Toulouse, France
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Elena Romeo
' "GOOD"

The University of Jean Jaurès is a large university – approximately 23,000 students – located in the city of Toulouse which takes place near the coast, the mountains and near Spain as well. It is an arts, social studies and humanities public university – the most popular courses are Psychology and Applied Languages. I would recommend this university (especially if you study languages since the level is very high); professors are quite pleasant, and the administrative staff is usually helpful. However, the neighbourhood where it is located is far from the city centre (but you can get to the city centre easily as the subway station is right next to university) and quite dangerous especially at night so I would not recommend to live there. Toulouse is an amazing city to be a student as it has more than 100,000 students and everything is made for us – it is not as expensive as other French cities, for instance.
Some buildings are being renovated in University so it is becoming a nicer, more modern and better place to study. Lots of events are going on in Jean Jaurès every week of the year – cinema, sports, markets, etc. Nevertheless, it is not the best organised university in terms of timetables, exams, room assignation, etc, but it is still a great place to study. It is also full of international students.

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