Copenhagen Business School - CBS Review

Copenhagen, Denmark
Good but space for improvement

My Danish programme was quite case and school book oriented which is good for a business school, but I think the academic level was slacking compared to my exchange university. At the same time we weren’t taught any specific practical skills within my field. Those classes that did include difficult research articles were often the least popular among students. I often felt that students weren’t really eager to learn, be challenged and development. In general students were quite lazy – not attending classes, not doing readings so that they couldn’t participate and not doing assignments. Classes and assignments were not compulsory, assignments and exams were often done in groups (to save teacher’s time), and assignments weren’t graded, so it was very hard to develop and learn from class assignments at an independent level. Teachers would teach us and grade our work according to their own personal perspective. Very little connection with the teachers. Students hardly met for classes, some classmates I wouldn’t see for two years, and it was hard for the teacher to engage students and in general the environment didn’t make you feel comfortable about raising your hand a lot. It actually demotivated me so much that I went to my exchange university for my master where the experience had been very different. Our dissertation was also not so academic and students could choose to do this in groups. We were in fixed groups throughout the semesters in different courses. All this group work often had a lot of drama, sometimes with some members dominating. Would have been much better to mix groups around to make it more fair for everyone. One group hired our teacher assistant, not as tutor preparing them for the exam but to read their exam paper and correct mistakes. How can this happen? Our introduction week was only focused on partying hard and the mentors definitely pushed that on us. In the first week you’d be judged according to how fun you are at parties. Hm.. it’s a good school but space for many improvements at least for this programme.

Some students found CBS very intense compared to their exchange universities, other students, like me, found it the opposite. I can only compare to one other top university. Might be very different if I’d had a different exchange university.

Degree: Master's
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