Aarhus University - AU Review

Aarhus, Denmark
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"My reasons to choose"

While doing PhD at Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (AU), I have found a lot of opportunities to improve my qualification (including the cleanroom experience and a variety of experimental facilities). I very much appreciate a possibility to broaden my overview because it is very easy here to communicate with everyone (Bsc/Msc/PhD students, postdocs, professors and other academic stuff). They are extremely helpful, positive and open.
I also taught a few courses to the undergraduate students, realized that they normally do lots of collective work (discussions, problem solving, etc.), and was very surprised on how effective and funny their approach is.
Otherwise (during Friday bars/Autumn schools/other social hangouts), it was my pleasure to communicate with energetic, curious and innovative students. If I had a chance to choose a university to study again, it would definitely be AU!

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