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The Best UK Universities Ranked By Student Reviews


Here at EDUopinions, we are specifically interested in what students have to say, and with that in mind, we have decided to look at the top universities in the United Kingdom (this includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) based solely on the reviews left by students on

The UK is a popular study destination as it is an English-speaking, well-known nation, so it attracts students from all over the world. As for its top institutions, we have looked at EDUopinions ratings as well as the number of reviews to decipher which ones appear to consistently do the best in their field.

If you want to come to study in the UK at one of these fine institutions or at any of the other numerous universities the UK has, then take a look at our dedicated United Kingdom page which has info on student visa requirements, accommodations and tuition.

Here is what we found thanks to students’ opinions:

Top 15 Ranked UK Universities By EDUopinions Review

  1. Toulouse Business School – 56 reviews, 4 stars
  2. University of York – 8 reviews, 4.9 stars
  3. University of Cambridge – 6 reviews, 4.9 stars
  4. Nottingham Trent University – 8 reviews, 4.8 stars
  5. Cardiff Metropolitan University – 16 reviews, 4 stars
  6. Kingston University – 12 reviews, 4.1 stars
  7. The University of Edinburgh – 11 reviews, 4.1 stars
  8. University of Birmingham – 7 reviews, 4.1 stars
  9. Edinburgh Napier University – 7 reviews, 4 stars
  10. The University of Manchester – 6 reviews, 4.9 stars
  11. The University of Glasgow – UOFG – 6 reviews, 4.8 stars
  12. Cranfield University – 6 reviews, 4.8 stars
  13. London School of Economics and Political Science – LSE – 6 reviews, 4.5 stars
  14. King’s College London – 5 reviews, 4.9 stars
  15. University of Leicester – 5 reviews, 4 stars

Now that you have seen the top fifteen, let’s take a closer look at the top five:

Toulouse Business School

As well as London, Toulouse Business School (or TBS) has campuses in Toulouse and Paris in France, Barcelona in Spain, and Casablanca in Morocco. The school educates over 5,000 students in various areas of business, management, and more, and through the languages English, French, and Spanish. It is among the top 1% of business schools.

The school was founded in 1903 in Toulouse by the Chamber of Commerce and was one of the Grandes Écoles in France – prestigious institutes which accept only the best students in the relevant subject area.

TBS’s satellite campus in central London has been in operation since 2015 on the third floor of Buchanan House. London – as an English-speaking city while still being in Europe – creates exciting opportunities and links for students who study there, specifically in the area of commerce and finance. TBS in London offers the following study options: Majors in Finance (M1) and Banking & Financial Markets (M2) for Master in Management Program.

Here is where you will see what students themselves have to say about Toulouse Business School. For a brief introduction to London, take a look at our 2-day guide.

University of York

Only 230 students attended the University of York in the northeast of England when it opened in 1963. Today, more than 15,000 attend the institution at under- and postgraduate levels of study. The University of York has an extensive range of subjects from which students can choose to study; from archaeology, science, engineering, medicine and health, the arts, management, and technology.

In addition to taught subjects, the University of York is also heavily invested in research. In fact, the institution is a member of the Russell Group as a ‘research-intensive’ university. Areas of research at York include health and wellbeing, culture and communication, and technologies for the future.

The campus itself is close to and within walking distance of York city centre. Most of the university’s buildings and academic departments are found on this campus, but the university does also have some buildings in the city centre itself, at King’s Manor.

Among the university’s accomplished alumni are 10 members of the British Parliament.

Want to know what students have to say about the University of York? Find their reviews here.

University of Cambridge

Next, we have the extremely prestigious University of Cambridge. This world-famous university traces its earliest roots back to around 1200. From then, various schools and colleges were gradually added, and the university changed from being heavily connected with the church to secular independence.

Today the university has a diverse student body of over 18,000, with a staff of more than 11,000. Students at under- and postgraduate levels study within 31 colleges, and indeed eat and socialise within these settings too. The six schools in which the university teaches are: Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Technology.

Having celebrated its 800th anniversary at the turn of the century, the University of Cambridge continues to stay in touch with the modern world and maintains plans for significant expansion in the future.

Remaining a firm tourist favourite and with connections to get in to London in just over an hour, the University of Cambridge is sure to retain its place as one of the world’s best and most sought-after universities.

Here is what students themselves have to say about the university.

Nottingham Trent University

Operating across three campuses and offering more than 500 courses at under- and postgraduate levels, Nottingham Trent University can be found in the English Midlands. The university is divided into 10 academic schools including the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences, the School of Art & Design, Nottingham Business School, NTU Doctoral School, Nottingham Law School, and the School of Science and Technology.

The university has invested heavily in its facilities and as a result boasts many state of the art laboratories, galleries, and sports facilities which are largely at the disposal of students. Accommodation-wise, university accommodation is offered to all new incoming students before a specific date. As for other years, students may apply for university housing or explore alternative options which are not connected to NTU.

The school’s history begins in 1843 when the Nottingham Government School of Design was established, which later became Trent Polytechnic, then Nottingham Polytechnic. The institution achieved university status in 1992 when it became known by its current title of Nottingham Trent University. NTU consistently does well in national rankings, specifically as a new university, and continues to improve and innovate year after year.

Here is what students themselves have to say about the university.

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Cardiff Metropolitan University began as the School of Art which opened in 1865 in the Old Free Library in Wales’ capital city, Cardiff. The Cardiff School of Art & Design remains a part of the university today, alongside the Cardiff School of Education & Social Policy, Cardiff School of Health Sciences, Cardiff School of Management, and the Cardiff School of Sport. These various schools offer degree programmes at under- and postgraduate levels. Over 10,000 students now attend the university.

With Cardiff named the ‘most cost-effective student city’ it is a great place to spend your university years. As for the accommodation aspect of student life, the university has 1,000 ‘study bedrooms’ available for students in their residence halls on their two campuses. Cardiff Met students may also choose to organise their accommodation privately off campus.

Students are encouraged by the university to lead a healthy lifestyle and so an array of sporting facilities and student sports clubs are open to students.

You can see what Cardiff Metropolitan University students have to say about their institution here.


Have you attended any of these universities? We would love to hear your story! You can search for your institution on or if your university is not there yet, please add it to our directory. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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