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What is a mini MBA – Is it Worth it?


Unlike many people think, mini MBAs are not a faster way to get a degree in business administration. Rather, they serve as an introduction to MBAs, or as short courses on a specific topic that you chose. Therefore, they are excellent for you to deepen your knowledge of a specific business field, or to prepare for an MBA.

So what exactly is a mini MBA? In this article, EDUopinions answers common questions about mini MBAs with the goal to provide you with a general idea of what they are.

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What is a Mini MBA?

A mini MBA can be a short introductory programme that overviews the basics of business administration or delves into the specifics of a given MBA subject. In the latter case, you will exclusively follow courses directly related to the topic of interest. Hence, mini MBAs are aimed at students who are still hesitant to follow a full MBA or young professionals who want to familiarise themselves with the business side of their field.

Even though mini MBAs are academic programmes, they do not lead to a degree.

What do employers think of Mini MBAs?

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Employers are well aware that mini MBAs lack the depth and breadth of MBAs. Nevertheless, they value the specific insights that they provide you. Indeed, some employers will see an added value in the fact that you are familiar with business concepts, even though you have not completely mastered them.

Other employers are reluctant to the very idea of mini MBAs. That is because they think that it undermines the value of full MBAs. However, it is important to understand that mini MBAs are no replacement for their big brothers. Rather, they offer the possibility to improve a chosen set of skills or to be introduced to the material of MBAs without (yet) committing to a full MBA. Some schools will even deduct the price of the mini MBA from your full MBA degree.

How much does a Mini MBA cost?

Mini MBAs cost between EUR1,000 and EUR6,000, depending on the programme and the university. Therefore, they are significantly cheaper than full MBAs, which can easily cost up to EUR100,000.

Is it worth studying a Mini MBA?

Following a mini MBA is not indispensable, but it can hold a lot of practical value. Indeed, even though you will not receive a degree, you will learn valuable information without following an entire MBA programme with courses that might not be relevant to you. This is mostly true for young professionals. Additionally, Mini MBAs can be a key to your success in a future potential MBA degree. That is because they will prepare you for the latter by introducing you to its key topics. Therefore, you will be more inclined to benefit from your courses and excel all throughout the programme.

What are the best Mini MBA Programmes?

Conclusions about Mini MBAs

In conclusion, EDUopinions hopes that this article successfully helped you to understand what mini MBAs and what is in them for you. If you found that mini MBAs are not for you, but you are curious about alternative education programmes, make sure to read our article on Micromasters. In this time of Covid pandemic, you might also be interested in learning about online MBAs.

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