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The 10 Best Business Schools in Finance


If you are wondering what business schools have to offer when it comes to finance-specific programmes, this article is for you. Here, you will find useful information about the general difficulty of finance degrees, the kind of topics you will study, as well as the interesting career that it could lead you to. Additionally, EDUopinions has put together a list of the best European business schools according to the QS rankings 2021 with Business Schools in Finance.

Is studying finance at a business school hard?

Studying finance is not particularly hard. However, it always includes a focus on quantitative analysis and mathematics, making it challenging and tedious at times. If you are consistent in your work, you will learn a great deal that will ensure a successful career.

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What will I study?

As already mentioned, finance courses emphasise the mastery of statistical and mathematical concepts and skills. Through these, you will learn how to manage and comprehend key finance topics such as investment banking, acquisitions and mergers, stock market analysis, corporate risk assessments, and many others. For example, you will become an expert in analysing changes and fluctuations in money capital value and money flow.

What career options will studying finance give me?

A degree in finance can lead to several different positions such as treasurer, finance officer, investment banker or account manager, just to mention a few. All of these jobs require strong analytical and quantitative skills that you, as a finance graduate, will have perfected throughout your studies. In addition, these jobs can be done in very different kinds of work areas. For example, you could work for NGOs, governments, or have a career in corporate finance.

The best schools in Finance based on the 2021 QS Rankings:

University of Oxford – Saïd Business School

Said business school campus

The Saïd Business School is a member of the University of Oxford and is ranked at 16th position on the QS ranking for business studies. It’s finance programmes include financial economics, law and finance as well as an executive programme in finance strategy. This business school is known for its academic excellence as well as for being a research centre.

London Business School


The London Business School, located in London and Dubai, ranks at the 7th position on the QS ranking for business studies. A specificity of this school is that it works directly with organisations, hence providing great opportunities to attend guest lectures, seminars, and networking opportunities to prepare your future career. The programmes offered are an MSc in finance and an MSc in finance analysis.

HEC Paris

HEC Paris - campus

The HEC Paris, located in the woodlands between Paris and Versailles, holds the 5th position in the 2021 QS ranking for business studies. It was set up by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It’s finance programmes focus on international finance. Moreover, HEC also offers PhD opportunities, executive education, and summer school programmes.

University of Cambridge – Judge Business School


The 17th position in the QS ranking for business studies is held by the University of Cambridge – Judge Business School. It created an MSc in finance which focuses on how to have a local and global impact to face the problems of tomorrow. Furthermore, all students have access to business support from the Accelerate Cambridge, which provides help to its members to set up new ventures.

ESSEC Business School

ESSEC Business School - ESSEC - campus

The ESSEC Business School is known for its Luxury Brand Management degrees. It holds the 27th position of this year’s QS ranking. Even though it has evolved into an international institution with a campus in Paris and another one in Singapore, it still embraces its original french taste for excellence and luxury. Therefore, if you too are interested in these, its MSc in finance will certainly suit you.

ESADE Business School


The ESADE Business School in Barcelona focuses solely on master-level education, which has granted it the 13th position on the QS ranking. It attracts students from all around the world to study in this beautiful Spanish city and pursue a high-quality education.

Imperial College Business School

imperial college business school - campus

The Imperial College Business School in London offers a very diverse set of MScs in finance: general finance, finance and accounting, finance and technology, investment and wealth management, risk management and financial engineering. This will enable you to become an expert in a niche field of finance. The Imperial College Business School is at the 22nd position on the QS ranking.

IE Business School

IE University

The IE Business School in Madrid is the 9th business school on the QS ranking 2021. It offers an MSc in real estate development. In its other programmes, the finance modules are not at the centre of the degree, yet hold an important position in the curriculum. This school really focuses on entrepreneurship and ensures that its students build a global network through their education. It even offers career opportunities from major companies like Revolut and PWC on their website.

Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School - CBS -campus

The Copenhagen Business School is one of the largest business schools in Europe. Advisors will help you to find a job throughout your study and start a career right upon graduating. It is ranked at the 24th position by the QS ranking and offers an MSc in advanced economics and finance and an MSc in economics and business administration.

ESCP Business School

ESCP Europe

The ESCP Business School is known for being a worldwide school with campuses all around the world, including six in Europe. QS ranks it as the 47th best business school in the world. Even though it has several campuses, all programmes are not offered in every location. Therefore, their finance programmes can only be followed in Paris or London. These programmes are the MSc in international wealth management and the MSc in finance with a specialisation in investment banking or financial markets.

Conclusion The best Business Schools in Finance

Even though these schools are among the best in the world, there are plenty of other excellent programmes in finance. Therefore you should check out our article on the Best Masters in Finance in Germany. If you’re interested in studying topics to make the world a better place, here’s our article on Top Business Schools with Sustainable Development. Alternatively, you can also receive personal and free advice by reaching out to one of our experts.

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