Tilburg University Vs University of Amsterdam (UvA)

Tilburg University Vs University of Amsterdam (UvA)


While Tilburg University in The Netherlands may boast some impressive positive aspects, you could argue that none shine so bright as the ace card held by The University of Amsterdam – the UvA’s location being a brilliant international city. Today we want to present you with an in-depth view of what students from both universities have to say. Immerse yourself in our Tilburg University Vs University of Amsterdam (UvA) comparison article. We are starting!


Not Just Located in a Fantastic City



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This is not to say, however, that the UvA rests on its laurels and neglects the more serious, educational side of the Amsterdam student experience, and its students are quick to tell you so. The university consists of seven faculties – Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Economics and Business, Science, Law, Medicine, and Dentistry – with students seeming particularly impressed by the standard of law education at the institute, such as this EDUopinions commenter:

Tilburg University Vs University of Amsterdam (UvA)

Education and teaching at the UvA is also firmly set in reality and the modern world.

Tilburg University Vs University of Amsterdam (UvA)


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Real life examples are brought into the classroom to work on so that students do not leave the UvA with a head full of theoretical knowledge they will never need for the jobs they will work in. Just like real life, there are variations in how students are taught about and the way in which they work on and present realistic cases, such as through assignments, seminars, and projects – as this EDUopinions user states:

Tilburg University Vs University of Amsterdam (UvA)

Another UvA positive coming up in their EDUopinions comments is the very accommodating way in which the university caters for part-time students. One student comments on how the lectures are ‘well structured’ to suit the needs of the part-timers. To use a direct source, you may have noticed in the UvA comment posted just above that this particular contributor is themselves part-time studies at the college, and can, in fact, combine it simultaneously with employment. This balancing act is an extremely easy one to miss the mark on. The fact that this UvA student can handle the requirements of two such demanding commitments is impressive alone, but to be so happy with her studies, is quite an additional feat for the college.



As previously mentioned here, perhaps the strongest attraction the UvA holds is its location. Even from the EDUopinions comments already posted with this article, some have complimented the city of Amsterdam and the social life it brings with it. It would be totally unrealistic to think that the socialising element of the university, for many students, is as, if not almost as, important as the educational side. Amsterdam is repeatedly referred to as a melting pot of cultures – an international, cosmopolitan, and, perhaps most importantly, cool city. If the UvA throws its hat in the ring of a future student’s university decision-making process, it is sure to cast a large shadow over other institutions (it doesn’t hurt that the University of Amsterdam’s education is great, too…). Even the University’s promotional video (you can find it here) promotes the city as much as the institute itself.

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Tilburg University – a Worthy Rival to the UvA



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Tilburg University, located further south in the Netherlands than the UvA, is not to be counted out of this race though. Like the UvA, it boasts many positives and attractions of which many students would be envious.

Some common ground between the two is the teaching being in touch with practicality and the real world.

Tilburg University Vs University of Amsterdam (UvA)

Also, EDUopinions Tilburg commenters mention the cultural diversity at the college, and furthermore, Tilburg University appears to be a very popular study abroad choice (perhaps aided by, as one comment says, the ease in which you can reach the university by public transport).

Tilburg University Vs University of Amsterdam (UvA)


Another reason Tilburg may be a good choice for international study is the community spirit on campus. You will find mentioned on the EDUopinions page for Tilburg a few comments on how compact the college is physically – in a good way, and possibly a positive outcome of this is the good atmosphere reported by students to be palpable at Tilburg.



If you have studied at Tilburg University or you are a current student, let future students looking for university why they should choose Tilburg University. Leave your opinion right here and contribute to help new students find the best choice for them. 


Being Realistic

Equally, it must not be neglected that Tilburg shoulders more negative EDUopinions comments than the UvA does. Some of their students’ opinions touched on their complicated Blackboard system, their administration at the college, Tilburg as a location, housing for international students, the variety of food available on campus, overcrowding on campus, and naturally following this point, the library proving too small capacity for the number of students enrolled (this problem, ironically, coming from the positive of increasing student numbers).

Tilburg University Vs University of Amsterdam (UvA)

Tilburg University Vs University of Amsterdam (UvA)

Critically, though, for every negative mentioned about Tilburg University, there is always one or more positives mentioned too. Additionally, as human nature goes, some opinions are in total contradiction of others. As you read through the EDUopinions comment section for this institute, you will go from reading statements on how the library on campus cannot cope with the increasing student numbers, and then within a few minutes, you could be reading the opposite – how Tilburg has a fabulous library for studying. The same contradictions go for the variety of food on campus, and what the administration at the college are like.


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What Do You Want Your College Experience to Look Like?

At the very high risk of sounding clichéd, every one of us is so different, and so when it comes to researching and deciding on a third level institution to attend, one must first be clear on what it is that they want from these years – what do they want it to look like? Would you prefer a more compact, community spirit-themed college experience? Or is the hustle and bustle of a big city more for you? All anyone else can do for you is lay down any available facts and first-hand experiences in front of you so that the decision you make is an informed one.

If you are thinking to study in The Netherlands this article is for you! We have compared two great institutions to give you insights from real student’s opinions of these are good places for you to study! Take a look, and if you liked it leave a comment or your opinion about your university :)
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